• Matt

    What was your first introduction to classic cars/hotrods...and at what age?

    As young as I can remember, I had influence from my Grandfather, Dad and Uncle, who were all enthusiasts of classic cars, mainly early hot rods, muscle cars, and Volkswagens.

    As soon as I could hold a flashlight, I was helping my dad with his '72 GMC.

    How old were you when you knew you wanted to work on cars as a career?

    Probably in grade 11, being introduced to the idea of a career in the automotive industry while being in the automotive program at Esquimalt High School. Chris Wignall, the teacher of that program, was a big influence on me pursuing my passion, having shown us that it could be very rewarding both financially and spiritually.

    How did you get started in the Auto repair and restoration industry?

    Right out of high school I took the 7 week Automotive Service Technician course at Camosun College, and after completing that I was hired by the GAIN group, where I started by washing cars at Three Point Motors. They eventually moved me to Audi Autohaus, where I did my apprenticeship. Working for German auto manufacturers taught me a certain level of care and attention to detail which has been carried over to how we work on the classic cars at G.A.S.

    What classic cars/trucks have you owned or do you own currently?

    I currently have a '70 Chevy Nova drag car, and a '72 GMC for a daily driver.

    If you could have any classic car/truck what would it be?

    I'd have a '55 Chevy 2dr post, or a '72 Chevy C10 Cheyenne Super (but preferably both).

    What's the perfect day at G.A.S. Classics look like?

    A day we provide a service to our local car enthusiasts that's trustworthy and affordable, while also our guys at G.A.S. can work on the cars they're passionate about.

    Anything else we should know about you?

    Lucky Lager is our favourite here... just sayin'.