• What was your first introduction to classic cars/hotrods...and at what age?

    Back when I was about 11 I remember pulling the car cover off my dad’s 64 Vette that had been sitting in a barn for years, I had never seen the car before and I remember sitting in it and thinking the steering wheel was massive.

    How old were you when you knew you wanted to work on cars as a career?

    Coming out of high school I realized I spent way too much time working on my hot rods so I might as well turn that passion into a career..

    How did you get started in the Auto repair and restoration industry?

    I started working at an old school auto shop early in high school where I got to work on a little bit of everything.

    What classic cars/trucks have you owned or do you own currently?

    My first car was a 67 Camaro we picked up out of Sacramento California. After that I made the mistake of buying a 69 Ford Torino.. it’s the only car I’ve sold so far. A few years later I added a 64 Beaumont SD to the collection and most recently bought a 79’ Nova for a daily driver.

    If you could have any classic car/truck what would it be?

    Anything with a big block and 4 speed.. But realistically I already own my dream 67 Camaro.

    What's the perfect day at G.A.S. Classics look like?

    The perfect day at gas looks like Matt being in a good mood, no fords in the shop, and lots of test drives. I also love getting to use my old specialty tools.

    Anything else we should know about you?

    I think every car is better with a tunnel ram.