• Zoe Iverson

    What was your first introduction to classic cars/hotrods...and at what age?

    So I was first introduced to classic cars when I was just turning four, I would spend a lot of time with my grandfather and my dad when I was younger and they’d always be in the garage, naturally I followed them, by the time I was 5 I was helping them build and restore my grandfathers old 1971 Chevy Nova SS

    How old were you when you knew you wanted to work on cars as a career?

    I knew I wanted to work on cars as a career when math got too complicated in high-school, and university was too expensive and boring for my liking. Plus who would want to have a degree in something they aren’t passionate about?

    How did you get started in the Auto repair and restoration industry?

    I got started with repairs on my grandpas cars when I was younger, and when he passed the passion never went away because my dad always had something to keep me busy, I soon moved onto my own cars, and I love to help my friends out. I was fortunate enough to land here at G.A.S once I was done my first year in college.

    What classic cars/trucks have you owned or do you own currently?

    I’ve never owned a classic car myself, I own a 1996 Mazda miata, but there has been tons of classics in my family. My grandpa had a 1967 stingray, and of course his 1971 nova, there’s definitely more that I don’t know about. My dad used to own a 1969 Beaumont his pride and joy and tons more before I was born.

    If you could have any classic car/truck what would it be?

    If I could have any classic car, it would be my grandpas old Nova.

    What's the perfect day at G.A.S. Classics look like?

    A perfect day here would be, Matt in a phenomenal mood, Max buying me a Nanaimo bar from across the street, Craig, and Dustin making sarcastic jokes, nothing newer than 1975 in the shop.